Good Question

julio 4, 2011

The same question has been repeated too many times on this week… the question is «why you don’t want to go back to your country?». Maybe that’s not strictly the question but it’s the core of the all question versions…

I want to be clear about one thing, i love my country, and i did (or at least i think that), many things to become it into a better country. On the other hand i think that my country is not a safe place to live, for me, for my family, for my friends, for my people. It sounds like my country is in a war, and it’s not, but at my country too many people get killed more than in any war, Afganistan, Irak or even in Palestina-Israel conflict.

Maybe in my country we don’t live in a war, i mean in a real war, but we have a divided country, between two radical political ideas, where non of them can deal with the other one, that seems a war. I know friends, families, couples that had been separated or divided themselves by the differencial idea. For me it is sad, that political ideas arrive so deeply into the society to reach the point to separate people who love each others.

On violence aspect, there a lot of things, homicides, kidnapping, murders, and so on. At the beginning was something that nobody was acquainted with, for example years ago, maybe 7 or 8, you could heard something about that someone was kidnaped,after that, then you could hear that a friend of someone’s cousin was kidnaped… then you heared that a friend or someone of your non close family was kidnaped, what i’m trying to mean is that «thing» that seemed to be far away from you, now it is beside you and you can get it. That’s what i call the circle has gotten closed. I almost suffered a knidnapping, i was on my way to home and two cars were parked on the highway and other one was beside mine, trying to close the only way that i had to escape. In that moment i thought about the things that i mentioned above… i thought maybe this guys are going to kill me and steal my car, or they want to kidnap me. After that i saw my life in slideshow. Then i decided to acelerate and trying to get myself out that situation. The consequences… maybe there was no consequences, because i was alive, and my car was complety destroyed by the accident that i had, because the car that was beside mine, hit me and i turned round. My father couldn’t believe that i was alive after seeing my car. I was lucky and i considered that as my second birth. Actually that happened 5 days before my birthday. Imagine, i live in a country that you can loose your life any day.

In other aspects, like public medical care is also a big problem, we don’t have very good hospital and neither a good public system. The govern said that it had put thousands medical assistants near to poor people, who lives in a fabela. And that story is true, but the doctors weren’t absolutely doctors, some cases appeared to say that someone had a real big headache and the doctor recommended to that person to take some pills given by the doctor, and later on that person died because of a heart attack. Besides that, a lot of venezuelan doctors don’t have jobs. And those doctors that were mentioned above, are cubans, i would prefer to say «doctors», because of what happened i cannot asure that they are really doctors.

Maybe in other countries with insecurity problems, the safest place to stay in, it is home. In my country is not like that, and i consider that there doesn’t exist safe place to stay. Once in my residence, thieves in a car entered behind a neighbor car. That neighbor wasn’t caught by the thieves, but they were still inside waiting for someone else. Then another neighbor came to house and was caught by the thieves, for fate things, that neighbor lives beside my door. Later on my parents arrives and they saw the neighbor apartment door opened, and silent there… my parents gets inside our home. The day after, we knew what happened, my neighbor was tied up with her daughter, then the thieves took all the valuable things out and put them into their car, then they left the apartment and they waited for someone else, another neighbor was caught also, and them same happened to him with her daughter.

I always say that material things are recoverable, some of them with a sentimental value, others not, but things that you can recover later on, but life is the most valuable thing that you can have. For the reasons mentioned above, i’m out of my country, because i want to live my life and look forward my happiness, and also create my concept of happiness and do things to get it.

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